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Powerful Event Management Software- Features Organizers and Attendees Love.

Butts in seats—that is our main goal, to get people to your event, get them excited, help you get organized, and sell-out your great event.

Event ticketing and management tools designed to save time while empowering you to create better event experiences. Get your event up and running in minutes. Sign up now.

Organizer-Friendly Payouts - Get Your Money Faster! Don’t Wait Until The Event Has Ended To Get Paid.

Attendees can register at almost the speed of light by registering with their google or facebook profiles. Faster event registration means more conversions for you and more insights about your audience.

Simple, Social & Powerful Event Ticketing - Our Tools. Your Results.

Mobile Interactivity

Impress your boss and attendees by moving your event registration and ticketing management info to the digital age. With the EventPremier mobile registration system you can validate tickets and track attendees.

Transaction Reporting

Our dashboard gives you a quick view of your events registrations and transactions. You can measure the performance of your events with the aggregate number of registrations and amount of revenue collected

Customized Event Registration

The key to giving customers a great experience is gathering information from them so you are prepared.

Multiple Attendee Registration

Want more people at your events? Make it easy for one person or a group to register multiple attendees at the same time.Event managers can control how many people can register in a single registration

Easy Event Management

Event managers can control every aspect of their event-or automate it all make their events fit their situation, successful and profitable.

A Community of Event Experts

Social networking is only about getting ACCESS to connections. Networking is about ENGAGING with others that can help you achieve your goals.The EventPremier community is full of experienced event managers,designers, marketers, and businesses who can help you succeed.

Steer A Course For Success With EventPremier Event Solutions

See how you can bring the power of online event registration and event management to small and mid-sized businesses – affordably.
Anyone can use EventPremier to sell tickets, whether you’re planning a sell-out music festival or a local cooking class. We have all the tools professionals need to stay organized, from event detailed analytics to track progress in real-time to easy and secure online payment. And if all you need is a straightforward platform to connect with attendees, don’t worry. Our time based promotions will recapture lost souls.
EventPremier is the de facto online event registration and event management platform. With EventPremier, you can create powerful, rich formatted, dynamic event display page from virtually any event information and delivered in dozens of stunning formats. A robust event management tool. EventPremier turns almost any event information into interactive, actionable information that can be accessed online from desktops or mobile devices. Steve Nganga, EventPremier Founder & CEO

Free setup, always free for free events

Our goal is to help you be successful and empowered, so we put you in control of your online event registration and in control of your money.

Simplify your event registration with EventPremier solution the fastest way to get your event up and running in minutes. The next generation, multi-channel, event advertising solution. Capture demand anytime, anywhere through online and mobile event solution.

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Branded event pages - capture your audience & instill trust

Whether you plan corporate events, run monthly meetups, organize conferences or lead a 3-day offsite retreat - our platform can help make your event a success, from start to finish.

We help organizers create successful events by empowering them to build amazing customized event pages in minutes, sell tickets, grow communities, go mobile and maximize event experiences - using a beautiful, user friendly platform.

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Simplify your event-access funds within 2 days of each ticket sale.

EventPremier is the best place for event organizer or manager to sell tickets online. From intimate classes to massive concerts, we help small and mid-sized businessespeople create customized event display pages and utilize our software to sell tickets and promote their events.

We give you a 360 degree view of your complete event sales cycle and pipeline. Identify trends, spot opportunities, increase effeciency and reduce costs.

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