Election 2016

The United States of America would soon witness the elections in 2016, which is scheduled next month on 8th November. This will be the 58th quadrennial US presidential elections. The voters in the US will get the chance to select the presidential electors who would turn get the chance to vote for the new president and the vice president via the set Electoral College. The term limit as established earlier in the 22nd Amendment to the US Constitution simply prevents the incumbent president, Barak Obama of the Democratic Party, which is being chosen for the third term. The year 2016 election would check in the 45th President and 48th Vice-President of the US.

The series of the presidential primary elections and caucuses that took place between February and June 2016, while it will be staggered among the fifty states – the District of Columbia and the US territories. The businessman and reality TV man called Donald Trump who would become the Republican Party’s presidential nominee on the 19th of July 2016. If Trump is elected this time, he would be country’s oldest president to be chosen for the United States of American for the Republican Party. The Libertarian Party nominee is the former Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson has the ballot access found in all the fifty states.

Also, the third party & independent candidates for presidential elections would be active in this election. The nominee for the president for Green Party is the former physician Jill Stein has the access for the ballot in more than states in order to win the Electoral College. As per the recent buzz, around 24 other third party candidates and independents groups would be contesting as write-in candidates. Some of the common or independent candidate includes Even McMullin who happens to be the former chief policy director of the House Republican Conference, while no third party candidate has carried out a state since the year 1968.

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